Obstetric Medicine Update

Join us for a virtual half-day conference on essential topics in obstetric medicine. Presented by 3 leading obstetric physicians this update maintains the excellence of an annual 3-day obstetric medicine course in London, UK that has run for the last 25-years.

Registration for this virtual event has now closed.

Welcome to the official website for
Obstetric Medicine Update 2020

All content is available on-demand up until 25 February 2021

A wide range of topics from three experts to update you on Obstetric Medicine.

Professors of Obstetric medicine will cover diverse subjects including COVID-19 in pregnancy, intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy and microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia.

Who should attend

Consultant and Trainee Obstetricians

Physicians and Obstetric Anaesthetists



Why attend

  • Three expert obstetric physicians, with interactive discussion after each lecture.
  • Stream all talks at a time that suits you for up to three months after the event.
  • Update your practice, hear what’s new in Obstetric Medicine.
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